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How to know scam PTC from the first look.

Scam sites are everywhere, But how to discover them? in this article I'll teach you how to figure out that this PTC is related to a scammer easily from the first look.

There are certain persons that own and promote the same scam sites but with different names and domains. me myself used to join their sites and hope to make extra funds with them but the result was always a pain in the neck and a big waste of my time.
So, this is an easy thing to do you can buy an unlicensed version of evolution script or a licensed one  and start scamming others wasting their time and effort and money if they invest in your site.
but there are signs for  those scam sites as if they have that rotten smell is reeking out of them.
So the signs of a cam PTC from the first look. are:

Unlicensed script:

Basically buying an unlicensed version of evolution script simply means that the site is can be easily penetrated by bots and this means fake visits for pages which simply means no earnings from CPM banners.
And it also refers to the financial situation of the owner who is unwilling or unable to pay for a licensed version of the script.
also experienced promoters will never buy advertisements in such a site which will lead for more losses and no resources for the owner to fund payments of his members.
You can easily check the version of evolution script by adding the link of the site to this check page here.

Repeated welcoming post in forum:

Making a stupid scam in rush will never allow the fake new admin to right a new speech every time he welcomes his new victims. So all you have to do here is to go the news section in the forum and to memories the welcome post and please remember this post if you read
The admin has 10 years experience in PTC.
Looks fantastic, He is doing this rubbish for 10 years now, He must be proud of himself.

Very high cashout limit:

This is a very stupid way to delay the scam status because when letting people click for 2 or 3 months before starting complaining of payments will bring him time to get referrals for other (legit) sites from banners and ads and will let him make some money form CPM banners as well.
they can easily make a licensed script site with 1 cent earnings for free users and a cashout limit of 2$ this will take 200 days till you can reach the cashout limit.

Also this will make some courage members invest and start the circle of rented referrals and upgrades
Most of legitimate sites a re scam as well you will never earn anything from clique family for example unless you use them as free user check this video and remember that subscribe button never killed anyone before:

Certain promoters in emoneyspace :

It is obvious that some guys there are the owners of the scam sites that they start promoting and getting the highest and first payments from those scam sites and this will allow you to know the scam sites from the first look as well.

Bad repeated design:

As I said before making a new troll site in rush makes the owners use the same design with small differences between each site ( As if you see the same site with different a logo and colors) even this kind of garbage still needs creativity. But who cares a long a s the same members join every new scam site  every time. Not only that they give salute to the admin every time and thank him for his new invention. !!??

I really consider all of these points when checking a new PTC site nad they help me to 
know scam PTC from the first look.
If you like this article and like what i adding here please give me your opinion and your experiences and If I forget anything  please remind me of it to be added and thank you for visiting my blog.