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Discover Bitcoin's Highest Price In 2024 (stress and mistakes)

Bitcoin is $100000

Bitcoin's price has become over $60000, and you wonder what then? Is it going to reach the price of $100000 in the summer of 2024? What is the situation on the cryptocurrency market during 2024? How does stress lead us to make mistakes? I want you to be sure of something that the market makers always want you to be under this stress, because this will make you make mistakes that will reduce your earnings from the field of cryptocurrency trading.

Stress leads you to make mistakes, then lose.

And mistakes lead you to be more nervous and to try to correct them by doing other ones, and this will make your mistakes become more complicated and will make you lose your earnings. And once you look at your wallet and realize that you had, for example, $10000 and at the end of this positive wave in bitcoin and alt-coin prices, you will eagerly try to make your final quick earnings depending on what the media say about the burst in prices in the summer of 2024.

Attention, warning, Bitcoin's price definitely is sinking down soon

Every increase in prices will be followed by a correction, and this positivity in prices was too long and definitely will be followed by a massively huge correction. This is what happened in 2016, then in 2020, and these patterns are repeated every 4 years at the time of BTC's halving. (this has been known from experience of dealing with the whales of the cryptocurrency field), and this is a more scientific method of judging when compared to technical analysis that assumes that finance can be considered an applied science like engineering for instance.

Now, the price of bitcoin is going to undergo a hard crash down to the area of $25000, maybe during this spring of 2024.

What should I do to avoid stress and mistakes?

First, you must invest in your mind by having faith of what are doing, the market makers can reduce the prices in minutes leaving you in a big mess by a command to a bot.
Then, you  must be thankful if you made good earnings during the final months and to prepare to the next levels of making money.
Finally, what's wrong with the price break of alt-coin?
For me, I consider such a situation as a sale that I must make use of it to buy the currencies that are going to give me the desired profits in 2025.


The highest price for bitcoin is reached already, do not let anyone deceive you. The next move is to give you and others a false hope and make you invest in the market then to  go down with the prices and make you hate the cryptocurrency trading and sell your currencies with losses .