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Image Reviews' Secrets Truth: The Web Lies

reviews of trustpilot


We all go to to check how trustful a website or an online company is. But, what if itself is lying on us? What if the customers that give reviews are not real people or liers? What if anyone could pay Trustpilot to make fake users rate anything awesome or awful?

Let us try to think clearly before making any decision based on what the web says. Rational decisions are one of the best ways to invest in our minds by strengthening our logical mentality.

What is Why to use it?

Trust pilot is a website that we use to check if a website or a product online is a scam or not and to know how worthy has is a website or a company that has an online activity, so the main concept of this website is that we make an account, and we give opinions about services on the web, and we check what others say about this web service or website is.

Trustpilot details on whois

Important Dates

Expires On2024-06-30

Registered On2012-06-18

How to add my online business to trustpilot?

You can easily add your business to trustpilot just by following the steps in the video on this page. They want you to provide them with your website link and the category of your business.

The Hidden Truths About Reviews

Well, this truth is not 100% hidden. If you want to see reality, it is the opposite. It's definitely clear. Because you can say whatever you want about something and, on the other hand, everyone else has the right to say whatever he wants about anything. This depends on how clever this person is and how trustworthy his decisions are. This leads us to think like the following:

1.Paid positive reviews on trustpilot

Many websites give bonuses to members who give positive feedback on this platform. There are the GPT sites. For instance, the major example of the websites that give some cents to others, to highly rate them and, as you know, most of the living inhabitants on this planet don't mind changing the truth about anything for a small bribe.

2. Revenge negative reviews on trustpilot

As you know, people vary in intelligence. There are too many people on the internet who fail to understand the requirements of an online business. For example, itself has too many negative reviews on trustpilot. I can really understand how people may sometimes feel, because I did the same. I gave the worst rating for, the famous cryptocurrency exchange, because they suddenly and out of nowhere decided to prevent people from certain countries like mine from depositing or trading there. This was a shock for me because 90% of my portfolio of cryptocurrencies was on this kucoin. This led to making me withdraw all my currency with loss even it is safe and secure for others. The same,

Other people may not be that smart, and they give a bad rating if they try to scam, and they are banned. Others do not read the terms of service or make mistakes and blame others for it.

3. Multi account reviews on trustpilot

Now this point is related to the previous ones, because haters and even site owners, and I'm talking about only small businesses. Maybe use the strategy to give good feedback about the business, but this is not going to work for noticed companies, and we will know why later.

And the conclusion about the section is that all everything above works only for small companies and not popular websites. 

Then what about science? What may science say about this and the meaning of this by judging any Institute by listening to people's opinions?

The Reviews of According to Science

Many scientific researchs were made about polls and how trustworthy they can be in terms of the following topics:  

People's opinions can be manipulated

According to a research paper made by a researcher called Viera┼ču Timotei and made for the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration, Department of Marketing, Tourism and International Business, "Transilvania" University, Brasov, Romania.

The researcher did two experiments to answer these two questions: can we trust public opinion polls? Can these polls be manipulated?

The researcher created two experiments regarding knowing if anyone could manipulate a poll to obtain the desired numbers.

The experiments were named: “Yes Sir” experiment, and the “Fake Poll” experiment. And as a conclusion, the investigator confirmed that There is the ability to influence the way people will vote.

Repeated information and trust

Another piece of research published on the internet says that repeated information is considered more truthful than new information or what's called the illusory truth effect.

The researcher found that the larger number of repetitions of false information, the more trustworthy it is considered by the experiment participants.

Despite all that has been previously known regarding determining the reliability of making any decision based on statistics and on filling out questionnaire forms based on standard analysis of data, no one can think that a service that has a high trust score of 4.5 out of 5 depending on 10000 votes can be a fraud by any means.


depending on what mentioned before there are two conditions of positive nd negative ratings on trustpilot:
For a few votes, manipulation is easy. Also, it is an indicator of how small a business is and how low popular it is.
But when talking about many votes, it is to be considered more vital in deciding how trustful this online business is.