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A Closer Look At Exchange With No KYC : Review

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In this review we are going to explore, an old cryptocurrency exchange that doesn't require KYC verification.

I have mentioned earlier that I can not have access to crypto exchanges that ask members to pass the KYC verification, and if you have the same situation, then you have to read BTSE's review. 

What is

BTSE is a crypto asset exchange, and it is registered in many countries, the thing that makes it an international crypto market where you can “Buy, Trade, Sell, Earn” cryptocurrencies and these are the words that formed the name BTSE.

It started working in 2018.

How Does the Company Identify Itself?

About BTSE: We’re the world’s favorite crypto exchange, offering simple, secure and efficient cryptocurrency trading. With products and services crafted for the convenience of both end-users and institutions, we pride ourselves on being the go-to platform for all things crypto.

How to Make Money on

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the virtual markets where members can buy and sell crypto assets to each other. Besides this function, this company has offered some other ways other than trading.

1. Trading

There are more than 150 coins and tokens in BTSE that you can be traded with :


You can use the Spot trading option and Spot with DCA bot, Futeres and Grid trading up to 100X laverage.
Also, you can convert currencies instantly from the Convert window.

2. Copy Trading

Here you can go to the specific window of copy trading, then you can choose between real people's strategies or bot strategies.

3. BTSE Earn

a. Staking

Stake and earn a high return.
If you redeem your assets you'll never get your earnings.

b. Fixed & Flexible Savings

Flexible Savings
Deposit, earn, and redeem anytime. It allows you to redeem anytime.
Fixed Savings
Deposit and earn more rewards. Here also, if you redeem your assets, you'll never get your earnings.

c. Lending

Earn interest by lending your assets to BTSE's capital pool.
Guaranteed earnings. Here also, if you redeem your assets, you'll never get your earnings.

What is the BTSE Card?

BTSE card
It is a debit card launched by in the year of 2023. The difference between this card and bank MasterCards is simply that you can fill it with your BTSE account  (but here it requires KYC verification), it can be funded with with fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies and then you can buy goods using it in many countries.
You can find all the important details about this card and how to use it through this link.

Fees and Transaction Limits in BTSE 

There are no fees at all when depositing funds to BTSE. Also, the withdrawal fees are one of the lowest on the web. Most withdrawal fees are very low, as low as 0.1%.

On the other hand, the fees for the market maker and taker are very low, starting from only 0.0500% and decreasing with the increase in the update of the client’s account.
You can visit this page to know more about the fees and expenses on BTSE.

How to Upgrade my Account in BTSE?

Simply, invest more and trade more, then you'll get more VIP in BTSE


What is the benefit of becoming a VIP member?

You'll get these benefits:

Premium gifts and rewards
Business class trip to crypto events
Communicating with with industry leaders
Exclusive global events
Lower fees
More VIP support and customer service
Devoted VIP Account Manager from BTSE

Withdrawal limits for non-verified accounts

The best feature here is that you can deposit and withdraw your funds from any country with no problems. Non-verified members may withdraw up to $100,000 USDT every day.
You can check this article to know all limits for both Verified and non verified users.


At the end of the article, we will evaluate the platform according to what was mentioned previously.

It is an old platform and is registered in more than one country around the world. It has a distinctive product such as an electronic payment card, in addition to the fact that it does not require identity verification, so that users can withdraw money from it easily.

Without forgetting that it has one of the lowest fee rates on trades and withdrawals, it is a platform in which every digital currency trader should invest a sum of money.

You can register by using this link.