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ABC's of making money online (Fundamentals for beginners).

Hang in there. If you do not know how to make money online, please give this post 2 minutes of your time.

Basically, making money online can bring you additional passive income depending on many factors such as your talents, hard work, intelligence and creativity.

But you have to keep in mind that good things come to those who wait.

This post of ABC's about making money online will never talk about wallets or sites it will only talk about strategies:
Hard work online:

If you don't have money to risk in investments and trading or you want to invest and trade but can not add money to your wallets online like what happened with me, for instance.

I am Syrian and when I started working online there was no way to add funds or to withdraw funds from here...Back to our hard work online section. Here you exchange your effort and experiences online and your time for money. There are many ways to make money online without investing one of the essential fundamentals for beginners.

GPT sites

You can start with GPT sites (get paid to) where you do some tasks for some $ in return. they are offerwalls where you find offers like signing in on sites, downloading apps and solving quizzes (You can find the solutions for these quizzes in this link HERE.
You can do surveys but they are mostly for the USA and UK, so people buy VPN's with American IPs to work with them and they pay with PAYPAL and cards, Steam, Google play, Playstation. Etc..

PTC sites

PTC refers to (Paid to click) where you click ads for some small amount of $ and here there is much effort and time that you have to spend.
Also, most of the new sites are scams and i made this post about HOW TO KNOW A SCAM PTC FROM FIRST LOOK. to help you avoid these scams, but they are more generous than the (legitimate ones)
The old legitimate sites are very slow and you have to wait a very long time to reach the minimum cashout limit and they also have Cashout points, which means points collected by making offerwalls and solving shortlinks (those things are very hard). 

Crypto-faucet sites

They are called-like this because they give you drips of crypto-currencies and most of them require solving captchas before giving you a small amount of funds.

But on the other hand, most of those faucets pay directly to faucetpay micro wallet, and you can collect cheap coins and store them in your wallets waiting for their prices to rise

I found an email that says that I had withdrawn 1154 Dogecoin in 2109 and i do not remember exactly where I spent them. Imagine I kept them till their prices reached 0.7$ in 2021 !!

Economic games sites

Those sites mix between investments and PTC. Watch this video for more info.

On these sites, you lease investment plans for Rubles (Most of them are Russian) and you take your earnings daily and part of your earnings go to your purchase balance to purchase new plans and you get bonuses and click ads.

They have activation ( A minimum investment ) required to allow you to request to withdraw from them..

The best way to deal with them as free users is only to work with those that have PTC after investing a minimum of 10 rubles and remember that they usually  give you another free plan.

And I think that those are the first step of making money online for beginners without investment ..
So let's continue our tour on ABC's of making money online (Fundamentals for beginners).

Making money online using your head:

Yes, using your head not your fingers and neck..There is a saying about this says work smart not hard, and this has many different ways.

Trading crypto currencies

People buy or collect coins and tokens and sell them for higher prices. This is a risky way of making money and you may lose if you do not know what you are doing here. Many persons make their own search on the web for desired coins or tokens they want to trade or follow certain experts on Twitter or some YouTube channels or even buy memberships, in telegram groups and channels to get signals about coins and where to exchange them.

Storing crypto currencies

I prefer this way of trading to the daily or weekly or monthly trading, because this race after price changes every minute is nothing but a heartache for me. Then my simple strategy here is to buy coins with potential and keep it till the high trend is reaching its peak then Isell them with earnings. In this way, I can re-buy them when the season ends and store them again waiting for the opportunity of making good earnings again. This way is great for beginners and it is one of the secrets of  the ABC's way of making money online (Fundamentals for beginners).

Trading in Forex

This kind of trading is related to the international stock markets and I really do not know about it, but there is a tool called leverage which is found in crypto coins exchanges and it is something like a debt you get from others in the same exchange and if you gain profits you will get the biggest share of them and in loss case you pay all losses from your balance.
I do not think Forex is for beginners nor for small balances and all Forex exchanges ban Syria..

Using investment sites online

These sites are called HYIP sites High yield investment project, I do monitor some of them and I am trying to bring the best of them in this page HERE.
you must be advised that only few sites are still paying for more than a year but no one knows for when.
Here you find scammers all the way 99.99% of these sites are scam but when you are trying to search and get insurances and RCB and try to understand how areal traders and honest admins think you may get superb earnings from HYIP even faster than any trading or signals you get.

Affiliate marketing

There many ways to promote something on the web for example Social media, if you can make a successful youtube channel you can make lots of money and facebook groups may be a great source for referrals and for selling goods and services and a place to learn tricks for making money online (but only from trusted persons), without forgetting to mention famous forums were you can find real members with the same interest of yours there are forums for every genre of making money online.

Making money online with patience:

yes patience is one of the fundamentals of making money online and one of the ABC's as well all beginners must know that making money online is thing that A fool and his money are soon parted, and the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

Trading crypto currencies

In this section we will go back to talk about trading because sometimes buying crypto will lead to a temporary loss or permanent loss. but if a coin has a decrease in price many persons go to sell it as if they are getting rid of it, Do not sell with loss this is the essential rule in trading crypto always sell in bull market. 
when you plan to start your crypto portfolio you have to know about the coins you plan to buy and to specify the total gain from each one. and to follow it on twitter and all social media to be aware of what you are going to do.

Storing crypto currencies

Not only patience is required here but courage and strength of character because the market is tricky and the market makers sometimes make pumps and make dumps to their own coins and they depend on the FOMO factor (Fear of missing out) that makes people always checking their phones aiming of the good news and when some bad news come they start selling their coins insanely.

Collecting airdrops

Airdrops are giveaways from coins makers to proof that their coin is owned by many wallets and all in the way they ask all participants to make some social tasks to increase the popularity of their coin and to attract fans, they also make benefit of the number of followers on twitter for example and watchlist number on coinmarketcap to attract more investors the big watchlist number means that this coin is popular and many people are interested in its project.
The key success here is to keep those coins till the proper time to be sold,and do not forget that you can make more money by bringing referrals from your link.

Making money online with creativity:

If you are a creative person with unique talents you can start your own content and you can make money of it many ways and the key of success here is simple get your genuine skills and share it with Millions all over the web.


Even with the spread and domination of social media on the web but still launching a blog is still profitable if you have something to share with others something unique and has lot of persons interested in.You can add CPM banners in your site and also you can sell ads in your site, you can make sponsored reviews about other products or services online.
Here you have to learn about SEO and how to get the first places in google search (depending on your creativity) as well.

Make a youtube channel

Everyone loves youtube because it is more interesting than reading an article on a website or a blog, No one likes to read People prefer to watch or to listen more than reading.
when you get large number of followers and hours of watching you can add advertisements to your videos 
I add my referral link to videos about earning sites in my VIDEOS for example and this is another way to make money from a youtube channel.

Freelance jobs

There are many sites where you can sell your services to others for an agreed amount of money and the website here  is the mediator between the client and you, I never used these sites before but if you can make graphic designs or write articles or have any other talent this is very useful for you.

Selling designs and photos 

Something similar to freelancers jobs but here you can make your own videos, vectors, illustrations,PSD's, were designers can buy from you in particular websites.
For me I get free videos for my youtube channel and when youtube makes his last check for copyright issues they tell me that advertisements may appear on my videos and the yield of them will go to the creator of the clips I added in my  videos.

This was the outline for working online or what I call ABC's of making money online (Fundamentals for beginners).
I hope you enjoyed this article and please if I forgot anything remind me of it in the comment section..