Tron has potential to reaach $2 in 2024 or 2025

Hello Tron (TRX) fans, and welcome to this topic. All you will read is just my price prediction for TRX, and what I expect in the next Bull Run 2024, because of many factors that I will explain later on.

What is Tron TRX?
Tron TRX may reach the price of  $2 or above in 2024 - 2025

Tron TRX is a decentralized platform based on the blockchain technology that allows users to create and manage their own digital assets.Tron  allows users to send and receive transactions free of charge and it completes 2 thousand transactions each second, and it is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and has a large user base, and has a strong future and is expected to grow in popularity.

You can check Tron's (TRX) official website from Here

What makes Tron TRX different from other cryptocurrencies?

1. Tron TRX is unique in that it utilizes blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform for content and entertainment.

2. Tron TRX is also unique in that it employs a peer-to-peer network to allow users to interact and share content.

3. Tron TRX also has a strong community behind it, which is responsible for developing the platform and promoting its use.

Where to buy and trade Tron TRX?

Simply, everywhere that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies, all major exchanges, trust wallet, faucetpay and Payeer.

What are the all-time high and all-time low of TRX?

If you visit the chart of TRX in coinmarketcap on this page, it will tell you that the highest price TRX ever reached was $0.23 and the all-time low was $0.001.

What is a crypto bull run?

Crypto bull run is a term used to describe the recent surge in the price of cryptocurrencies. It usually follows the halving of Bitcoin every 4 years. And the next halving is 2024, so the next bull run may be between 2024 and 2025.

My price prediction for Tron (TRX)  in 2024 -2025

First of all, this is a humbling personal opinion. I have been watching the crypto market and the media and websites making money for years now, and I found these noticeable points about Tron:

Everybody uses Tron, because of the lowest fee payments.

Either if they send money with TRX itself or by USDT (TRC-20) currency, TRON chain proves its quality and how usable, and how stable it is.

This all means a growing usage of the TRON chain and, as we all know, any coin that is used in transactions and trusted by the crypto-user community has the potential to rise in price.

The drop in prices in 2018

Nothing remains the same in the crypto-currencies world. Expect the unexpected all the time. In 2018, an all-time high was reached on the 5th of January, but afterward, the price in 2018 was swinging around $0.015, till it reached $0.16 in 2021.

Why don't we think TRX will get its highest price explosion in the next bull run.

Similarity to DOGE pattern of use before it reaches $0.7

Everyone was mocking DOGE and every one who believed in it as a good investment.

But at the same time, everyone was using DOGE or tipping each other, and hundreds of mining platforms used DOGE as the main payment processor (those scammers used to use DOGE to let members buy investment plans to mine DOGE itself), and the result was big amounts of DOGE stolen from those innocent poor uys who were cheated with the big profits those sites offered.

Also, many GPT sites and PTC and faucets are used to pay with DOGE, as if everyone is talking about DOGE.

The same pattern of websites: miners, PTC, faucets and GPT platforms are using TRON as the main payment processor, and I think it means something, at least to me.

This is what I think relates to what I've noticed in the last 2 years, so what about you? What do you think are the potential implications of the TRX price increase?