How to Create A Paid to Click Site (PTC), Using Evolution Script (Ultimte Guide)

 Evolution script is a PHP-based paid-to-click (PTC) platform that allows users to earn money by completing various tasks like viewing advertisements, taking surveys, or signing up for offers. The platform provides different features such as customizable templates/themes & plugins,integrated payment processors support(such as PayPal/Perfect Money /Skrill),referral systems ,membership plans,and more.

Why to use evolution script to create a paid to click site?

Here are some of the benefits of using Evolution Script for creating a Paid-to-Click (PTC) site:

  1. Easy Customization: With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design options, users can easily customize their PTC website without requiring any technical expertise.
  2. Security Features: The evolution script offers various security features such as captcha verification, IP blocking & fraud protection which help to prevent fraudulent activities on your website while ensuring that genuine users have access to it.
  3. Customer Support: Users can take advantage of 24/7 customer support through multiple channels like live chat or Email whenever they face issues with the platform's functionality or customization requirements.
  4. Advanced Advertising Options - The script supports a wide range of advertisement types including banner ads,cash links,textads,Sidebar Ads etc allowing ad publishers to reach out to different audiences in more effective ways.
  5. Multiple Payment Gateways : This tool comes integrated with leading payment providers making transactions secure and seamless across countries catering global audience who want join these sites .

What makes Evolution Script unique?

The Paid to Click (PTC) Evolution Script is a PHP-based script designed for creating and managing PTC websites. Some of its features include but are not limited to:

1.User-friendly interface: the admin panel that allows you as the site owner easily manage your website.

2.Secure payment processing system: facilitates transactions between advertisers, users, and the website's administrator with no risk involved.

3.Advanced anti-fraud protection: it helps protect both advertisers' investment in advertising campaigns and users from fraudulent activities such as click-bots or fake referrals.

4.Various earning opportunities options for members including paid-to-click ads, offerwalls,surveys etc

5.Users can earn money by referring others who join under their referral link

6.Membership levels offering extra benefits like increased ad value,cashout limits , reduced membership fees e.t.c

7.Affiliate systems allowing members earn commissions on purchases made by those they refer .

8.Customizable design - You have full control over your PTC sites look/feel using customizable templates/themes option.

What kinds of ads are shown at the evolution script websites?

  1. Paid to click ads (PTC)
  2. Video ads (Youtube videos)
  3. Text ads
  4. Link ads
  5. Banner ads
  6. Login ads
  7. Paid to signup offers (PTSU)

What are the differences between a lincensed evolution script site and a non licensed site?

why to buy a lincsed script?
The main difference between a licensed Evolution Script site and a non-licensed one is legal compliance. When you purchase the license of any script, in this case, Evolution Script for your website or project from its official source i.e it gives you permission to use all available features without any restriction within the terms of agreements mentioned on their licensing page.

A Licensed Site normally provides access to ongoing software updates which include new feature releases bug fixes e.t.c also support services are provided free by developers as per purchased package/rate whereas such facilities may not be available with unauthorized copies/sites .

On top of that ,a no-license evolution script site will attract various issues such malware attacks/hacking attempts more easily because it might have modified/cracked versions leading yo potential security breaches and compromising user data .

Therefore, while using unlicensed scripts may seem like cost-effective solution initially but they put a business at risk potentially both legally/financially harmful way including possible loss due to lawsuits,customer trust etc therefore should always opt for authorized sources when dealing with paid computing solutions.

How to creat a paid to click website using Evolution Script from scratch?

Here's how you can use the evolution script website

First, you need to register the Evolution script official website from this link

Click on "Demo" tab from menu items. you will be redirected towards Demo page where options “User Panel”,“Admin Panel”,”Advertiser Tools” etc..are shown.

 Clicking through tabs let’s visitors see how each category executes .For instance,user panel displays ads available in dashboard along with account balance/statements,ability upgrade membership level/referring others.

Administrator/user manager roles include maintaining user accounts,payments data(credit/debit card information ),promotion tools management + statistics watchdog modules,customer service center plus many other administrative services linked into software operation.

The Advertiser section includes options regarding promotion packages/completed transactions monitoring .

Whether you want to start your own PTC site using Evolution Script or just curious about its functionality,the demo option mentioned above should give some insights before investing huge amounts of time/money.As always,it would help if one considered researching further tutorials/frequently asked questions(ALSO REFERRED AS FAQs)/online forums related topics concerned outside company resources so there isn't any confusion throughout setting things up properly,making sure security measures have been taken care off(Anti-Spam filter bot system integrated/captcha verification test enabled).

You can learn more about the demo by watching this video:

Second, Check the prices and buy what you desire

You can try a 1 month license, but please do not create a site if you do not do the required feasibility study that makes you positive that it will bring you profits enough to pay others.

Third, install the evolution script into your domain.

Once downloaded, extract all files into your web host root "public_html" directory.

Create MySQL database where you will store user information (username, password etc.) for your PTC website.
Import SQL file with tables structure in that newly created database which is located inside folder /install/sql
Launch installation of scripts on domain or sub-domain i.e

Post-installation configuration should have following settings:Configure Site Settings

Manage Email Templates
Manage Admins/Users/Advertisers/Banners/Packages/etc.
Once these general configurations are done,you also must decide how much money each click worth as well as various other options like minimum payout amount , withdrawal methods & fees if any .
Create different membership plans according to budget e.g Standard/ Premium/Golden .Each plan has its own cost per click rate ,maximum references allowed daily income limit plus extra features such reduced advertisement timer,elevated referral commission rates.
Integrate payment gateways so members could deposit fund through the payment processors shown in the demo video.

Before adding them please ensure compatibility with evolution script version being applied here because some versions may not support certain extensions/plugins updates .
After configuring everything accordingly,test functionality throughout the system once over again before launching it online make sure search engine optimization(SEO) is enabled when publishing live pages/databases along with security measures including SSL certificates

Fourth, Buy add-ons
All Evolution script add-ons will be displayed in thie video.

How can I pay for an evolution script license?

You can pay with: PayPal, Perfect Money, Payeer, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin.

All things considered,epitomizing how easy is it use EvolutionScript compared other alternatives will not only save time but also improve effectiveness when starting paid advertising campaigns.