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"Renting referrals" is a term used on paid-to-click (PTC) sites, which refers to the practice of paying for temporary access to other members on the platform who have signed up under your referral link. When you rent referrals, these individuals become part of your downline and are expected to click on ads or perform other tasks assigned by the PTC site. In return, you receive a percentage of their earnings as commission.

But in fact, rented referrals and renting referrals on PTC sites is nothing but a process of adding bot referrals that will work under the control of the owner of the paid-to click website to steal your investment, because suddenly those referrals will stop clicking and you will have to recycle them forever, till the moment you get bored and leave the website.

This is exactly what the scammers of clique websites family and scarletclick websites family have done with me.

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I do not recommend wasting your money in something like this. Instead you can easily buy Bitcoin and wait till the price go higher and sell it. Then, this is a very simple plan anyone can do without being a slave that has to click daily hoping his rented referrals are not going to betray him any time soon.

PTC is made for poor people to make money from the internet for free. Remember that you are wasting your time and effort and using your machine to get a few cents at the end of the day.

Also, you have to consider that paid-to-click sites make the most of their earnings from CPM banners and a small amount of it from advertisers. This will lead us to a question: why do they need your investments?

Maybe they will trade crypto and pay you from their earnings? But what if the lose money? How can they keep paying you?

What about the rented referral strategy and the auto-pay option?

s it is not as effective or reliable as it claims to be. The rented referral strategy, which involves renting referrals from other PTC sites, may seem like an attractive option at first, as it allows you to start earning money immediately without doing anything. However, in reality it can be a huge waste of money, as most of the referrals you rent won't click on any ads, making it impossible for you to make any real money. Additionally, some PTC sites have an auto-pay option, which means you will be automatically charged for renting referrals even if they don't click on any ads, making it practically impossible for you to make any profits. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from this type of strategy, as it is not as effective or reliable as it claims to be.


Paying to click is only a way of making money for free. I advise anyone not to invest in them at all.

Consequently, any paid to click site that offers renting referrals option is nothing but a ponzi, and will end to scam or will make you lose your money like all (legitimate) old paid to click sites based on renting referrals and renting memberships to their members.

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