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The Guaranteed Pumps In Cryptocurrencies, Experts' Secrets For Free

 Hello, the positive movement in prices still exists, perhaps for at least a month, and there are guaranteed pumps in place for digital currencies. Do not be afraid, there are profits coming. We are still waiting for the percentage of Bitcoin dominance in the market to become approximately 48%, which will lead to pumping liquidity from Bitcoin to alternative cryptocurrencies in the market. I previously explained that the price of Bitcoin will not reach $100,000, while noting that this may be accompanied by a small decline in Bitcoin's price and significant liquidity entry into alternative cryptocurrencies.

pumps to the moon

What is Bitcoin's dominant percentage?

It means the level of the all out cryptographic money market capitalization that is held by Bitcoin. This measurement is utilized to gauge the impact and significance of Bitcoin inside the cryptocurrency market.
When money flows from Bitcoin to altcoins, this gives these currencies a big push to their prices and all the experts say that the increase in prices has never ended yet.

This leads us to this question:

What Currencies May Have Huge Price Increases?

How to determine these coins and tokens? Experts say that you have to look for good and powerful projects that never had severe increases in prices. All currencies had a great leap in their capital that led to making their prices jump from 250% to 1000%, so let's check the powerful legitimate crypto projects that may still be on a hot tin roof:

MultiversX EGLD

The price of MultiversX when I am writing this article is about $72.55
And EGLD is one of the strongest scalable ecosystem coins that is solid as a rock.

The price may go up to $90 any time soon.

dYdX (Native) DYDX

The price of dYdX when I am writing this article is about $3.95
DYDX is the DEX that has the greatest liquidity all over the web and an American DEX as well.

DYDX may reach $6 or more.

Cardano ADA

The price of Cardano when I am writing this article is about $0.75
ADA promises to give revolutionary decentralized applications with more security, and its price is still beyond its ral levels even though it has one of the highest capitals in the crypto market.

ADA may get to $1.1 or more.

Other examples are VeChain VET, Fantom FTM, Litecoin LTC and more
You can but all of these coins from: SuperEX, Bitrue, Coinex, XT and BTSE.

How Do These Pumps happen?

You have to know that giant companies buy any coins secretly without your knowledge or your advice. Giant financial and economic entities, such as Black Rock, for example, are not familiar with digital currencies. On the contrary, they are prominent players in the market. Rather, they are market makers. They see the currencies in which a large amount of $$ has been invested, and they enter a state of stagnation that causes investors to become bored and lack confidence that this currency may get an increase in price, which prompts (impatient) investors. To sell it, and perhaps you get bored and sell the currency in the week of its rise, and regret it when you see it soaring high after selling it. 

Next, market makers raise prices, but do not think that they may come together and start opening wallets and buying. Rather, there are robots that can be programmed to carry out purchasing operations and raise prices, as is observed in the sudden pumping operations that occur for a currency in a matter of short hours.

Any rise in prices will have results calculated in advance by market makers, and here it must be remembered that the market will witness a great state of price rise and when investors are reassured that things are progressing towards continuous high profits, greed intensifies and clowns from YouTubers, influencers and the world’s wealthy people begin to buy Bitcoin for reassurance. For investors, something happens, from the unknown, that brings prices down to minimum levels that even the most pessimistic people may not imagine.

Therefore, pay attention to the coming days and do not forget that greed may make you regret everything you earned in the previous period, the profits of which you have been waiting for a long time.