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Payeer Perfectmoney blog

Easiest way to start trading crypto even if you have 0$ in your wallet.


Everyone has heard about crypto and the great profits that can be made by trading those currencies even you, if you are interested in making money by buying and selling digital assests but you are poor enough not to have $$$ in your wallets nor in your pockets this article is made for you.

Welcome to  Easiest way to start trading crypto even if you have 0$ in your wallet.

All you need is a PC and internet connection and of course Elecrticity, don't laugh about electricity there are many places with no power these days.

How can I make money for free?

Do not waste your time in investing in PTC or HYIP sites because they all are related to crypto market fluctuations even if it looks like there is no relationship between the two fields.
What I am proposing here is a strategy to collect and enlarge your capital by making use of these fluctuations in BTC and alternatives.
Now even if you have 0$ in your wallet you start making money from digital assests, the greatest thing about this plan is that it doesn;t require any specific means of production other than what you are using right now to read this article.
First of all let me start by introducing main structer of my plan.
Easiest way to start trading crypto even if you have 0$ in your wallet.

Wallets for you to start trading crypto even if you have 0$ in your wallet.

As you have already noticed I use Payeer micro wallet that has many deposit options and other ones for withdraw.
And it also has the exchange feature which makes payeer a payment gateway, a wallet and an exchange at the same time. and you can send fiat currencies of Ruble, USD, and Euro in addition to crypto currencies of BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, TRX, XRP, BCH, DOGE and DASH. and you can exchange instantly or trade with spot orders between them.
I really didn't have time to make a seprated article about payeer but I made this video about the exchange feature:

And the other micro wallet I use is faucetpay which is a micro-wallet or the wallet that allows you to send and receive small amout of crypto currencies from other users ( Faucets has owners who are members in faucetpay like you and they fill their faucets by filling their faucetpay account with funds).
In faucet pay you can only receive and send crypto 
Besides them I use metamask wallet that allows to recieve and send many currencies using many networks. 
You can registe in FUCETPAY from HERE
You can registe in PAYEER from HERE

Earning methods for you to start trading crypto even if you have 0$ in your wallet.

The first ways to start making money are faucets, GPT and PTC site, there are many other ways to collect money from internet but these are the most easy and in everyones hands.
There are variety of old paying sites that are reliable for you but they do not give high earnings like the new ones. Most of the new sites are scam already, but also there are others that pay for a while and you can use them while they are paying especially the generous new ones.
After collecting those earnings you can trade them in Payeer or faucetpay (but keep writing your 
initial capital in any currency and make sure you are in profit before making the exchange. (in faucetpay there is only instant exchange feature)
for metamsk you can make trades in but you have to add some BNB for the gas (transaction fees).You can find a list of old paying sites in this link:

Last step to start trading crypto even if you have 0$ in your wallet.

The final phase is using exchanges to make real profits, for example: if you can save only 25$ and send them to an exchange for the sake of making trades between them you may get 5$ for the first successful trade with ROI of 120%.
Now you have 30$ in your wallets and the next succesful trad for the same earnings will give you 6$ and your balance will be 36$, think of this small capital as an example.
On the other hand you may lose most of your capital value in bear markets but you still have the quantity of the currency whcih may reach the initial price again after a while.
The safest trade is betwen BTC and USDT and it;s like making any trade between good (Bitcoin) and money which USDT stands for.
And it is as simple as buying BTC when its price is low then selling it when the price is higher.
Many guys dived their capital and start buying and selling for small differencies in price (no more than 5% earnings), for instance let;'s say you bought BTC with the price of 20,000$ then you can fix the spot price for 21,000$ Therefor  you profit is 5% and those earnings can be invested in buying other currencies or BTC in other price.
And this will be the  final process for you to start trading crypto even if you have 0$ in your wallet.
Easiest way to start trading crypto even if you have 0$ in your wallet.

I recommend Kucoin exchange 

Kucoin is the best exchange I dealed with, because  I can not use binance for example but kucoin is no less in efficiency than binance and it accepts members from all countires with very low trading and withdraw fees.

You can read these articles about Kucoin:
Wait for prices to explode in 2024:


This is the simpleset method to make money form internt and I made great earnings from it and I am regreting not using it before and wasting my time in PTC and HYIP, I hope you make the optimized profits from the crash of crypto prices which must be considered as a big SALE.