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Why you shouldn't participate in any airdop requires buying the airdrop token.


The subject of this article is complicated, I know..

But what I want to say here is very simple and understandable for every crypto-earning seeker.

peopleAirdrops1 people are usually gifts from currency makers to random people in order to enlarge the (people) of their project brand  and let more people know about the currency, because they give airdrops to persons who make social tasks. and the currency value will go down after the distribution begins because hundreds of hundred hundredsss or hundreds of thousands of these tokens will be sold by members.

This is what usually happens and to prevent this from happening, firms that launch new tokens or coins have made another choice, which is giving airdrops to members who already buy the currency in the personal phase, but anyone who has a piece of mind will notice the following:

Every organisation seek enetering the world of digital assets is in need for funding (like everyone does), and to do so they will start selling their currency this means that the initial price of a currency will likely go down because its team are too much selling it to a very large extent, or may go up if the project is super and its demand is very huge (I do not remember this happened too much)> All this will lead us to say that the quantity of this currency you buy in the ICO2 in 100$ for example + the quantity they will give you from the airdrop can be bought 2 month later for 80$ or 50$ or sometimes for only 5$, no matter how good the project is the most important factor in any crypto investment is the entry price and it is really the only thing you may consider when buying a trusted digital asset