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The dirtiest lies that the media keeps telling you to keep you an easy meal for the whales.


After the revolutionary developments in information technology, everyone realized that the Internet is one of the best places to seek knowledge from home and especially because it is available in every house and for free. Great websites such as Quora, Medium and Youtube are the most visited ones when people look for new ideas, and, in fact, they are endless sources of information in many fields. But this is what we Arabs call a sword with two blades, meaning this thing can help and do damage to its users at the same time, and this is what I am talking about in this article: How bloggers and influencers and youtubeers can make you lose money easily.

Influencers such as Youtubers and bloggers may insert wrong information into our subconscious minds without our knowledge. An influencer definition (in the marketing field) from the Oxford dictionary is: a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the item on social media. And here is the point. Recommending things like goods or services in a time where it is not a proper time to be bought or used will give consumers a result may be the opposite of what they imagined, and by the way this is not scamming this is what called Fraud. The fraud definition in The Oxford dictionary is:  A type of dishonesty calculated to obtain advantage, generally financial advantage, by some wrongful means (a tort or crime). and the Oxford learners' dictionary is: he crime of cheating somebody in order to get money or goods illegally.

Those who control the media know exactly when to use fear, enthusiasm, greed factors, and, of course, herd mentality.

This article is mainly talking about making money from internet, so all the fraud we'll talk about is related to this field. 

Lie number one, BITCOIN, is dead: 

Every 4 years, BTC mining prices are reduced to half and this is called halving. The next halving is in 2024, so if you take a look at the charts of BTC for all time, you will notice that it gets a new record higher price every halving year and the opposite, it reaches a very low price after 2 years of halving, and we all remember how Donald Trump said that all crypto currencies are scam in 2018 and all news channels were repaeating fake news about how BTC investors are in great losses and how many countries started ban crypto jsut to terrfiy small investors and let them sell in loss.

Lie number two, To the moon: 

All scam coins and tokens are labeled with the moon phrase, but there is a point here that you may consider carefully, that the most trusted projects also do that, but how? The team behind any coin needs funding, and to get this funding they need to sell their currency, so for that, they rent some youtubers to start making hype and telling people to buy coin X before its price goes 10000 times and as a result of all this sale process the price will drop and you have to wait for a very long time to be in profit. Remember SOLANA hype in 2021.

Lie number three, Legitimate site: 

Here I am only talking about HYIP sites and PTC sites, because even if the team members were doxxed, when they plan to steal your money no one will bring you back a single cent of your loss, All hYIP sites will go scam one time, and I made a previous article about (((Legitimate))) PTC site and how dangeruos they are and you can read it from HERE. where crypto exchanges are more trusted, but wait!... Don't we remember the FTX and incidents?

What I want to say is that even crypto exchanges may turn into scams and their owners may go to prison, so what next? No compensation for you.

Any coin, official wallet and physical wallets are more trusted. And even with that too any coin may go zero, like LUNA, for instance.
Nothing is 100% safe on the internet.

Lie number four + five HODL, The price is  rising forever: 

None of us have heard this advice from all market makers. They want you to keep their currencies in your wallets to decrease the supply and then to raise the price, an easy plan for sure. But in bull market this is true, but till when? till... till the very highest point in the price chart, no one can ever guess when it is.

Basically, every price that rises will be decreased sooner or later. This means you have to HDOL when its time to store crypto and to sell before you lose or at least have Loss of benefit which is loss in funds a way or another.

In fact, you have to be like those who surf waves on the beaches because they acclimate themselves with the surrounding circumstances because this market is up and down one day on another. And another very important note here can be added, which is if you're a small fish, all your capital will do nothing if the whales decide to rise the price of a currency or send it to the ground.Buy when the prices are low, decide how much you want to earn and wait..

Lie number six, Technical Analysis

The darkest of all of them, those guys keep doing this stuff of blah blah blah to give you an illusion and tell you finally: pay us to predict prices for you. I am an engineer and I believe in science as a way of prediction based on statistical methods, but a tweet from Elon Musk could make one of his favourite puppies have wings to fly. Trust your knowledge and ask experts for information, but real ones not those with rubbish-coloured crossed lines. 


All of us have suffered great losses because we trusted the wrong people on the web. Have a strategy, get knowledge, search, then decide where to invest or whom to trust.