We all want to make additional income, Don't we? And making money from internet is a comfortable way to make money and I made a previous post about the fundamentals of making money online that you can read from here.

If you don't know what is PTC let me explain this to you PTC are the first letters of paid to click words where you are getting paid for clicking on ads, And PTC  will never make you rich of course but it will bring any of us passive income or additional slight income each month or that is what we expect.

In fact we will get more income from clicking ads but it is not worthy all this effort and time

 But what are legitimate PTC sites?

No site of them is legitimate but those sites are paying for a long time now so websites like foxyrating called them legitimate maybe because they paid them to say so, Now away of conspiracies are those legitimate PTC sites scam ? And how would they be paying for a very long time and scam at the same time?

Old paying PTC sites are paying for real and I got paid many time form them but only profitable if you use them as free user because whenever you invest and rent referrals and upgrade your account you are stuck there for ever and you will never be able of getting your initial invest for years without forgetting that you have to click 4 ads daily and keep recycling your referrals the have an already programmed algorithm to make you lose money.

And even if you get your investment it will be after years of clicking like a slave and if you are in profit your profit will be only 10% after a very long time something that you can make in less than a week in crypto....

Old (legitimate) PTC sites are profitable when you are paid as free user but most of the earnings will come from offerwalls  and surveys that can not be accessed from most of the poor countries that PTc clickers belong to, This means that you have to use a VPN to have the ability of using offerwalls and surveys and you will be a cheater like them.

Those legitimate scam PTC sites have many contests for points and for direct referrals and there are winners and payment proofs yes but why all those PTC promoters that most of PTC sites members never win in them because simply the owners are the winners in their fake contests...

So how do the legitimate scam  PTC sites owners make money from their sites ?

In 2 words: by using their members

They make people visit their sites daily from many many places in the world and of course they have deals with CPM banners companies to get higher CPM rates than other sites especially because a higher rank in google and previously in Alexa than blogs for instance.

They make money from people that but advertising credit.

And finally they steal investors money like what happened to me in clique family sites, Scarletclicks sites and zigma sites wihout forgetting ads4pro and sevenads and investorclix and every site ranked as legitimate in foxyrating or whatever it is named now.

I hope this answers the question of ARE LEGITIMATE PTC SITES SCAM???

Because if they are not scam they are worse than scam.