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How I Made Money From Internet in a Third World Country: Syria (Study Case)

How to make money from internet? Especially those who live in third world countries, and the question will be: How to make money from internet for free? Or how to make money for students?

I think everyone asks this question: How to make money from internet? Especially those who live in third world countries, and the question will be: How to make money from internet for free? Or how to make money for students? For me, I asked my self all of these questions before starting working in all kinds of making money websites then I had conclusions and notes that I'm going to share with you in this article:

How to make money from internet?

If you go to any facebook group labeled with make money from internet you will be astonished at how active they are, there will be hundreds of posts all promising you to make lots of Dollars by doing simple tasks or simply just giving you some BTC for free. All of this is bullshit and I wasted too much time in reading these stupid frauds.
This previous article that mentions all  the ways to make money from internet may help you and you can read from HERE.

How to make money from internet in third world countries?

This pat of the article will talk about the easiest ways to make money from internet in third world countries, and will also talk about the difficulties that may face any person who seeks making money from internet in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe.
How to make money from internet for free? Or how to make money for students?
Location of Syria

The article will start with the obstacles that can be in the way of everyone who seeks money from internet in 3rd world countries, and they can be summarized in tow main parts as follows:

How can I make money from internet without credit card?

This was the major problem that faced me when started trying to make money from internet from Syria, and you must know that all countries in the world Do not allow sending money to Syria, also Syrian citizens can not have credit cards, even Google Adsense never accepts Syrian ID or Syrian passport to activate Adsense account.
So, what's the solution?
I started looking for E-wallets that accepts usage by Syrians and from Syria, and I fund these three E-wallets: PAYEER, FAUCETPAY, PERFECTMONEY
And then what?
This is what you have to ask your self, for me I have a friend in UAE made a Payeer account and got my money to his cedit card and when he visited his parents in Syria gave me the money and you can send your e money to any friend or relative you have out of your country like I did.
In a related context you can buy services on the web and sell it to people in your country with these $ you will earn from internet like I sold PS card to a friend using this site HERE. This way you may help others to buy stuff from internet and you can add more value to your money like you can sell a 60$ PS card for 75$ and so on.

Crypto exchanges doesn't accept KYC verification, what to do?

I lost money in  Coinpayments and in Coinex so I hated everything about crypto exchanges until I started using Kucoin.

How to protect my crypto exchange account in a 3rd world country?

Since your account protection is very important I don't recommend relying on SMS verification nor email verification, please use Google authenticator because it is the most reliable verification method.

Those were the things that made many people I know start making fun of me when i tied to make money from internet here in Syria.

Now if I am going to start telling you how I started making money online without investment I must remind you to read this article: EASIEST WAY TO START TRADING CRYPTO EVEN IF YOU HAVE $0 IN YOUR WALLET.

Paid to click sites

I really started with Paid to click sites and collected my first $1 from cliquesteria website, and you must be careful that I am not promoting this site as a trusted way to make money online because I realized this site and all clique network are worse than scam after investing in them and this was the first lesson I learn from internet Do not invest in paid to click sites and to know more please read this article: ARE LEGITIMATE PTC SITES SCAM???
I can say that I became expert with paid to click sites especially after I joined soamonitor.com team and started writing reviews about PTC sites and I have some notes that may help you in this article: HOW TO KNOW SCAM PTC FROM THE FIRST LOOK.
So in short, paid to click sites is an essential step to make money online without investment if and only if you used the paying ones, you can visit this blog to know more about good new released sites.

Faucets and GPT sites

There are many new sites with this category where you can earn to claim faucets, click ads, solve shortlinks, do offerwalls, do surveys, do custom tasks. 
Most of these sites have a low cashout limit and pay instantly to faucetpay that recently added XRP and MATIC to their coins list, please read this article to know more: LOWEST/NO CASHOUT LIMIT WEBSITES LIST IN 2023 (RECOMMENDED FOR FAUCETPAY MEMBERS)
Therefore I started collecting coins and swapping between them if it is giving me profit (swap fees in faucetpay is very high)

HYIP scams

HYIP is the fastest way to make money online, but on the other hand it is the fastest way to lose money as well.
HYIP are scam even if you are in profit because sooner or later they will steal all members funds and fade away,. 
The first time I used HYIP sites was when I joined soamonitor.com team, the admin used to give compensation for every member joins under him and many times from his own pocket other monitors give a share of the compensation funds between all members wh lose in any site, I made very big earnings from HYIP and on the other hand lost too much when the Ukrainian war has begun because most of the HYIP mafia are Russians and Ukrainians, Even in Islam this is riba and earning with fixed interest is (Haram) forbidden and I really witness that I used to deceive myself saying this is a contract between two parties giving both of them  mutual benefit the thing that I really do regret now.
This blog itself was named Payeer perfectmoney investment blog at the beginning and i got some sponsored review for investment websites, but now i do not think of this as a business that I'll be proud of.
Don't you ever invest in HYIP.
Russian games and paid to click sites
Those are ponzis too, they are similar to HYIP but with the difference that you can make money there by clicking ads, this is not worthy all the effort but you may get extra advertising credits to promote your referral links from the investment plans. Economic games are rubbish. Don't invest in them.

Affiliate marketing.

There are lot of websites that offers affiliate program such as crypto exchanges, Payeer, Faucetpay, paid to click sites, faucets, GPT sites. And many other websites maybe forums and traffic exchange sites
This kind of business requires skills that give you the ability of attracting others to use particular website or service, this mean you have to give details about the thing you promote and its usage and benefits WITHOUT FRAUD, because people are sensitive to fraud, even more many members think everyone on the web is a scammer even if he gave him good advises previously like what happens to me these days (I really made big mistakes by promoting HYIP sites and asking PTC  admins for sponsored reviews) but this doesn't mean that I betrayed my audience who were very ungrateful sometimes.
Now going back to the main subject, you can make social posts about what you promote using some free photos from website such as pixabay.com and photoshop to give good impression on others, beside this you can make posts on forums where you can find more serious people than on facebook and other social networks.
What does this blog do for me?
I said previously that I made this blog to TEACH others how to make money online and to PROMOTE earning methods online and to get SPONSORED reviews for companies and to make some benefit from CPM BANNERS. You can start your own blog if you have the talent of writing good articles in your native language and you can add Surfe and adhitz CPM banners to your site (they are Adsense alternatives), you can Check CPM tag on my blog where I will improve the existing articles with better info and will try to talk more about the networks that didn't give me the desired results.
At the end of this summary I hope you found useful info that may help you if you seek earning money from internet.